7 Photography Apps you need to download!

7 photography apps every girl should have
1. OVER - This app is essentially Photoshop, but better! There is a free version for this app and that’s really all you need. It allows you to work on all sorts of graphic projects by layers! It also has tons of free templates you can use for social media, emails, Instagram stories, Facebook, etc. Also it has tons of fonts, stickers, graphics you can use and easily import to your project. If you are looking for an app that saves all your work and a way to make beautiful graphics, this is the app for you!
2. PLANN - This app is how we plan out our Instagram feed because we all know the feed has to flow! This app shows you your current IG feed and instantly updates once you post a photo. You can move photos around and see where in the grid the photo fits best. I even use it to plan out my feed week in advance or have photos “waiting” on the grid to see when they will look best. I think this app you have to pay $10 for, but it’s a one time fee - don’t quote me on it, but I think so! Either way it’s 100% worth $10 because it also analyzes your IG and tells you your most liked photo, reach, impressions, etc.
3.TEZZA - This app is everything!! Created by the queen content creator @tezza she decided to make an app that has everything you need for cool, trendy filters, photo and video textures, subtitle overlays, stop motion video effect, etc. This app does a great job with constantly updated their features and adds new trendy effects pretty regularly. This is the app we use for effects for a perfect natural, yet elevated edit. This is $2.99/month but again 100% worth it because you’ll use it all the time. There is a free version, but features are limited.
4. INSHOT - The best video editing app I’ve ever come across. You can edit videos together, split them, add transitions, overlay music, add text to your video, turn photos into a video, you name it - this app can probably do it!
5. STORYLUXE - This app was also created by a well-know content creator @nicholeciotti so you know it’s going to have all the cute filters. This app is spefically for IG post templates and IG story templates. They are constantly adding new templates that are so on trendy and will make your IG stories and posts stand out.
6. RETOUCH - Whenever I have trash, lint, an unwanted person in the background of my photo this app is how I get rid of it! All you do is use the tool where you color in the unwanted object/person and POOF it’s gone. I can not tell you how much this app is a life savior to clean up random objects I didn’t notice until after the photo was taken. If you love to clean up your photos this app is a must.
7. UNFOLD - Last, but certainly not least is Unfold. This app is the OG of photo templates and has some of the most clean, simple, sophisticated templates you can use. You can create different categories on your account and save all your used photo templates in one place. I toggle between using Unfold and Storyluxe for photo templates depending on the type of photo I’m using and the vibe of it all.
I hope you beauties liked this post and found it useful! I wanted to share my favorite photography apps I use on the daily that aren’t the typical ones like Facetune (lol). Comment Below your favorite photography apps you always find yourself using! I’d love to know!! xx